Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Hari Mahal Palace, Jaipur.

Hari Mahal Palace Jaipur
It was the full moon beautiful night and chilled beer at The Garden Restaurant & Bar of Hari Mahal Palace Jaipur was just icing on the cake. Hari Mahal Palace is a beautiful Heritage property and situated in the heart of the city Jaipur, Rajasthan, India. They don’t have much option in beer but “Kingfisher Beer” is good enough. Food is tasty and ambiance is wonderful. A place like this at the centre of Jaipur for the price they charge is totally worth a visit.

This place is Highly Recommended.

Hari Mahal Palace – Jaipur.
Tirthraj, Jacob Road, Civil Lines, JAIPUR – 302006
Contact No. : +91 141 222 1399 / 222 6920 • Direct Tel: +91 141 400 4920
Mob.:+91 91665 31111 - Ram Beniwal • +91 97996 96962 - Pradeep Mathur 

Monday, 18 July 2016

Umbrella Man

Street Shot Monsoon in Rajasthan
Yesterday took this shot from inside the car at somewhere on Jaipur – Agra Highway. Weather was beautiful, finally Monsoon has hit the Rajasthan.

Thursday, 14 July 2016

It's so easy to Blame.

It's so easy to Blame.
I was walking in the front of Hawa Mahal, which is one of the busiest streets of Jaipur.

I saw this guy sitting in this position from the distance and as I was about to cross this guy I took this shot. Before I crossed him I was thinking, what kind of society I live in where a guy is sitting on the street in this position and no one cares. People are just passing by him and no one has a moment to stop and ask him his problem? And then I did the same moved ahead without looking back. 

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Where there is a Will there is a Way.

Where there is a Will there is a Way.
His name is Jitendra Sen and we were on photo walk few days back. We found this government school in the old city of Jaipur where I took this shot. 

I know Jitendra Sen from last few years. He works in an IT company, married to an artist and now they have a one year old kid, he maintains a bike and he recently shifted to his new 2BHK flat which he bought with Housing Loan. He enjoys photography and we often get together for street photography and after photo walk occasionally sit for few drinks. In many of those occasional sittings he use to tell me that he and his wife want to do something for the poor kids and for society and so on. I use to listen to him but knowing his financial background I use to advice him differently, in today’s time it’s not easy to make the ends meet for a self made middle class family and on top of that planning to do social service uff. . . 

But that day before we started the walk, we were just chatting and he told me that he and his wife had started teaching the kids of servants and poor labour who works around his neighbourhood. They teach them on Saturday and Sunday morning and now they have strength of 8 kids in their small school.

Monday, 11 July 2016

Euro Cup Final 2016

मेरे ख्याल से शराब का सेवन बौद्धिक शमताओं का कुछ देर के लिए कई गुणा विस्तार कर देता है।
इस का ताजा एहसास मुझे कल रात हुआ। जब हम आठ मित्र जो की फुटबॉल का फटा हुआ फ भी नहीं समझते, वो सब मिल के शराब का सेवन करते हुए रात भर यूरो कप फाइनल देख रहे थे। और ना ही सिर्फ हमने उस खेल का आनंद उठाया बल्कि पुर्तगाल और फ्रांस की खेल रणनीति की हर तरह से समीक्षा भी कर डाली। यहाँ तक तो फिर भी ठीक था। मगर हद तो तब हो गयी जब बैठक के आखरी पड़ाव में कुछ मित्र जो अंग्रेजी भी ठीक तरह से नहीं बोल पाते उन्होंने फ्रांसीसी भाषा में विचार-विमर्श करना शुरू कर दिया।

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

A Selfie.

A Selfie of Manav Singhi Jaipur
I took this Selfie at Indian Coffee House, Jawahar Kala Kendra, Jaipur.

Sunday, 3 July 2016

Monsoon in Jaipur and Conversation over Tea.

Monsoon in Jaipur and conversation over tea
Arvind Jodha a famous cartoonist and Yogesh Moda an aspiring director were lost in conversation over tea. The shot was taken at the Indian Coffee House, Jawahar Kala Kendra, Jaipur.

Saturday, 2 July 2016

The Zero Story at JKK, Jaipur.

The Zero Story at JKK, Jaipur.
Zero with his Guardian Angel
After a long pause weekend theater and cultural programmes again started at Jawahar Kala Kender, Jaipur with the lovely interactive play "The Zero Story”. The play was directed by Ashwath Bhatt, it was a 55 minutes play on the boy called ‘Zero’. He comes from the family of numbers, where he is considered the most stupid and bullied around. This makes Zero very sad and then starts a journey in which he discover his powers. The moral of the play is that every kid is unique and every kid has special abilities, all he has to have is confidence in himself and support of parents.

This was a nice Interactive play where all the actors were dressed up as clowns and every now and then they had interaction with kids in audience which was very interesting for kids. Kids enjoyed this interaction & clumsiness of clowns, there was lot of giggling and laughter from kids, even I was smiling most of the time. The auditorium was house full; in the promotional poster they had written a line that “this is a play performed by adults for adults and children”. But in the auditorium there were lot more adult audience then the children, according to me it should be “a play performed by adults for children”. I think next time they should make it mandatory that every adult has to be accompanied with a kid then only he gets entry to these kind of play. After the play on my way back to parking area I overheard a conversation, a kid asking innocently to his mom that was this a real life story? and I was like. . . . . .  :)

Friday, 17 June 2016

How to do Light Trails Photography?

Light Trails at Hawa Mahal, Jaipur took this Shot on 18-Dec-2012.
Camera body - Canon EOS 50D, EF-S18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS, Focal length - 23mm, Shutter Speed - 1.6 sec, Aperture - f/4.5 and ISO - 250
After my recent article about Which is the Best Camera and lens for Photography? I got lot of inquires about how to shoot Light Trails, but before I proceed I want to let you know that everything takes time, practice and patience. For example I am sharing these four photographs with you; First one of Albert Hall, Jaipur below this text, which I took in 17-Oct-2009. The second one of Hawa Mahal, Jaipur on top, which I took on 18-Dec-2012. Third one of a balloon seller at statue circle, Jaipur took on 24-March-2015 and the fourth one of Vidhan Sabha Jaipur which I took on 2-March-2016. With the help of these four Images you can easily understand that what effect time, experience, knowledge and bit of modern equipments can bring to the quality of Photograph. In 2009 there was little knowledge and Information about Light Trails even on the Google. But with the time people had shared lot of stuff, tutorials, photographs and experiments which helped lot of people to learn and here are the result of reading all that . . . :)

Ok so today we will try to learn the right technique and approach to shoot Light Trails but first let me tell you that Light Trails is just one of the small part of big subject Night Photography. Hopefully everyone who is reading this knows what photography is? If not let me repeat its definition “Photography is technique of capturing the light with the help of camera”. So In Light trails also we are capturing the lights but with some proper settings cause if you will capture too much light the picture will over expose (Too much Bright) if the light will be less then it would be under expose (Too much Dark).

First we have to find a Background or a Still subject which is not too much lit up. If it would be too lit up then in our long exposure it will get over exposed. You can also shoot without any significant background or subject but those shots will be hard to compose. I will say if you are newbie go with this approach and once you learn it then experiment as much as you want. Newbie’s will need a tripod any cheap tripod will do but it has to be sturdy. After finding the right place to shoot, Place your tripod, fix your camera on it and then compose the shot. Make sure there is some moving traffic between your camera and subject or in front of your camera and I don’t think I need to tell this to anyone that Light Trails will be taken in the night only or in the dark conditions. Now once you had composed your shot we have to understand and adjust the camera settings. 

For Light Trails we need to have a long exposure it means that we have to open the face of our shutter for long time. So that we can record the moving light on our camera sensor but the longer the shutter is open the more light will hit the sensor and it will create a chance for your pic to get over exposed. So with the help of ISO and Aperture we will try to balance the light conditions and what kind of effects we want (All this will be done on manual Mode). We even have to make sure that we don’t shake our camera at time of shot because that will give you a blur image. For example in the Jaipur Vidhan Sabha pic my settings were Exposure - 6.0 sec; Aperture - f/14 and ISO – 100 and you can see that because of 6sec exposure I got the beautiful wave of Light Trails. This shot was without the tripod I just done the settings put the camera on the ground and pressed the shutter but the road gave me the nice and sturdy base for my shot and Kaboom. Next shot I would like to discuss is the shot where Hawa Mahal is in the Background settings for this shot were Exposure - 1.6 sec; Aperture - f/4.5 and ISO – 250. The reason for this setting was the conditions I was in I did not had the tripod and still I wanted to take this shot because I felt that the moon was at perfect spot. I didn’t even had any sturdy place to keep my camera for this composition so I used the roof of my car but that was also giving vibrations as any heavy vehicle pass by it. So I had to do it fast and by fast I mean can’t leave the shutter open for long time so after finalizing these settings I put the camera on the roof of my car and pressed the shutter and Kaboom. So by these two examples I think it would be clear to you that there is no set settings for Light Trails but you have to experiment a bit according to your conditions. Go and take some pics don’t worry or lose your heart if you don’t get it right for the first time just practice and experiment.
Light Trails at Albert Hall, Jaipur took this Shot on 17-Oct-2009.
Light Trails at Albert Hall, Jaipur took this Shot on 17-Oct-2009.
Camera body - Canon EOS 6D, Lens - EF50mm f/1.4 USM, Focal length - 50mm, Shutter Speed - 1.0 sec, Aperture - f/4.0 and ISO – 100
Light Trails with a Balloon seller at Statue Circle, Jaipur. took this Shot on 24-March-2015.
Light Trails with a Balloon seller at Statue Circle, Jaipur. took this Shot on 24-March-2015.
Camera body - Canon EOS 6D, Lens - EF50mm f/1.4 USM, Focal length - 50mm, Shutter Speed - 1.0 sec, Aperture - f/4.0 and ISO – 100
You can also check the article on him at this link - What Next?
Light Trails at Jaipur Vidhan Sabha took this Shot on 2-March-2016.
Light Trails at Jaipur Vidhan Sabha took this Shot on 2-March-2016.
Camera body - Canon EOS 550D, Lens - EF50mm f/1.8 II, Focal length - 50mm, Shutter Speed - 6.0 sec, Aperture - f/14 and ISO - 100
If you have any questions you can ask them on comments below, I would try my best to answer them as fast as possible.  You can also share the links of your pictures you clicked after reading tutorial, that will surely help you me and newbie’s. The best way to learn is to do experiments, feel free to share these free tutorials because more you share more you learn. 
Happy Clicking. . . :)

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